Lips Pigmentation

In our London clinic we offer Lip Pigmentation as one of our most popular permanent make up services. Lip tattooing is a highly skilled technique that can be performed on natural lips as well as lips treated with dermal filler. With our lip pigmentation we are giving you a natural effect of perfect lips with defined but not flashy lip liner. Choose from our few methods to suit your preferences.

Aquarelle Lips

Aquarelle Lips technique is the perfect way to redefine shape and fullness of your lips hiding any imperfections. The lip is tattooed with the same density of pigment all around and with one colour. We use the newest methods and equipment so there is almost no pain during the lip pigmentation treatment and very little scabbing after.
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Ombre Lips

With our Ombre Lips technique your lips will be given natural colour that will blend invisibly into the natural shade of your own lips that will create plump effect. Leaving inner part of your lips lighter will optically enlarge them. The technique is almost painless and healing takes only few days.
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Lip Gloss Effect

Lip Gloss technique in lips pigmentation allows to achieve the most delicate effect of lips that were just touched up with lip gloss. pigments that we use for this type of lip tattooing has little sparkly particles that shine through even on completely dry lips.
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Aquarelle lips training



I am so glad that I was brave enough to do my eyebrows! Karolina is a star and did an amazing job! Highly recommend
Raminta C.
I have just had my eyebrows done with Karolina. She has done an amazing job and I am so pleased with the end result. I would 100% recommend her. She is lovely and is excellent at her job.
Amanda W.
I love my eyebrows. Very good and professional job and I will be definitely coming back again x
Ewelina C