Terms & Conditions

§ 1

General acknowledgement

These Terms and Conditions determine the general rules of using the services from Beauty Star Academy Ltd. permanent makeup and beauty training and treatments providers. Clients of Beauty Star Academy Ltd. must have a knowledge of the Terms and Conditions before they participate in any beauty treatment. Participating in treatment with Beauty Star Academy Ltd. is equivalent to accepting all Terms and Conditions.

§ 2


Any person that is 18 years of age and more can be a client of the Salon. Beauty Star Academy Ltd. will accept youngsters of at least 14 years of age with written consent from their parent/carer only under specific advice from a medical practitioner.

§ 3


All employees of Beauty Star Academy Ltd. have all required certificates, licences and training to perform the treatments. All staff members are obliged to check their work station and fill in all stock materials and tools needed to carry out the treatment before they commence to work. All therapists have to disinfect their work station, tools and their hands before commencing to work. If the treatment is disrupted the same disinfection rules need to be applied each time. All therapists are obliged to keep their hands and nails in the condition minimising scratching and allowing good hygiene. All members of staff are obliged to keep up to Health and Safety regulations.

§ 4

Health and Safety

All large surfaces which clients do not touch directly are being disinfected or sterilised once a day. All treatments areas are freshly prepared before a new client, and all the equipment, tools and surfaces are disinfected and sterilised. All cuts and breakages to the therapist’s skin have to be appropriately covered and waterproof plasters applied. Additionally, if the cut is on the therapist’s hand, protective gloves have to be worn. Personal protective equipment is to be used in every instance where the risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens or other potentially infectious materials exist. Needles, razors and other sharp objects must be discharged immediately after use in a sharps container. If a cut to client’s skin would happen during the treatment, the treatment is to be stopped, the wound is to be cleaned, disinfected and protective plaster applied. If the therapist is unable to continue with the treatment, a new appointment will be scheduled without any additional charges to the client.

§ 5

Beauty treatments

A consultation is to be carried out with every client prior to the treatment in which the client’s health history is reviewed to find out if any contraindications to the treatment may occur. Every client is informed of any contraindications, post-treatment possible side effects and aftercare procedures required. Continuing to the treatment, clients are accepting and giving their consent to carry out the treatment. In case of refusal to fill out or sign the consultation card, a therapist may refuse to proceed with treatment. Clients are obliged to inform a therapist of any health issues or any contraindications that may have a result in a treatment outcome, especially of any: heart conditions, pacemaker, cancer, infections, pregnancy and breastfeeding, prosthetics or implants, seizures, blood-thinning medicines and any strong reactions to the view of blood. Clients have to validate their health profile forms before commencing any treatments that are 1 month apart from each other. Clients are asked to remove any jewellery for the time of the treatment. Clients are to store their belongings in their bag. Beauty Star Academy Ltd. does not take any responsibility for lost or stolen belongings. Clients are obliged to tell a therapist straight away if not feeling well during the treatment. A therapist has the right to refuse the treatment or ask for a doctor’s consent if not sure about the safety of the treatment. A therapist has the right to refuse a treatment if a client is trying to extort either money or free treatments in any way.

§ 6


Clients are obliged to make payments for their treatments. The price list is available to view in the salon and on the salon's website www.beautystaracademy.com and on the Facebook fan page. Payments by cash, cards, bank transfers and PayPal are accepted for the treatments. Beauty Star Academy Ltd. has the right to offer promotions and discounts for their treatments that will have a specific time duration. Different payment rules may be applied for the promotional offers. When using a promotional offer, clients have no right to claim back any money or treatments. Beauty Star Academy Ltd. offers packages of treatments which have to be paid upfront. Packages have their expiry after a year from the purchase date. There are no refunds on the purchased packages. In case of a client’s medical condition unable them to use the package, a credit note may be issued for the remaining part of the package. Only one promotion is valid at a time meaning no joined offers will be accepted. Offers do not work together with any packages offered in the salon. A deposit of £50 of the price is taken each time to secure the booking. 48 hours cancellation policy is applied to any treatments that require deposits. No show will result in losing the deposit. A touch-up treatment is not included in the price of permanent makeup treatment. A touch-up treatment is priced £50 only when performed within 4-8 weeks from the initial treatment date. Any touch up booked later than 8 weeks period will be charged the same as refreshment treatments. A refreshment treatment is charged 50% of the current regular price when scheduled for up to 1 year from initial treatment. A 75% payment applies to refreshment treatments scheduled 1-2 years from initial treatment. After 2 years from initial treatment, regular prices apply. It is the client’s responsibility to book the refreshment treatment as Beauty Star Academy Ltd. is not obliged to send any reminders.

§ 7


All damages of equipment caused by the client or their dependents will be charged in full. Beauty Star Academy Ltd. does not take any responsibility for any coats left in the waiting area or any valuables left in the pockets, any bags, backpacks and wallets, which client should bring with them to the treatment room. Beauty Star Academy Ltd. is responsible for any treatments performed not with accordance to general standards of the beauty industry. Beauty Star Academy Ltd. is not taking any responsibility if a client gave a false medical history profile, did not inform of any significant contraindications or did not follow the salon’s terms and conditions. Beauty Star Academy Ltd. is not taking any responsibility for the client’s dissatisfaction of treatment results if the treatment was performed according to beauty industry standards and dissatisfaction is only subjective to the client.

§ 8


The client can book a treatment in the salon reception, through a phone call, text message or website schedule system. There may be a deposit required to secure the booking of some treatments. 48 hours cancellation policy is applied to any treatments that require deposits. No show will result in losing the deposit. The salon has a 24-hour cancellation policy for treatments without the deposit. Not appearing at the treatment without notice may result in the Salon not taking bookings for that client in future and adding 50% of the treatment price to their next treatments. A client should arrive 5 min prior to the treatment. If a client is more than 15 minutes late Beauty Star Academy Ltd. has the right to refuse the treatment charging 50% of the treatment price. However, treatment can be carried out for clients demand but will be shortened and full price will be charged. If a client arrives late a part of the treatments will be cut out making the treatment shorter. However, this treatment will be charged full price. If the salon is running late with previous treatments, a full treatment time will be applied for the next clients. Beauty Star Academy Ltd. has the right to cancel any treatments with short notice. New appointments will then be scheduled.

§ 9


Clients have the right to complain about their treatments within 7 days from the date of the treatment or from the date of side effects appearing. In case of permanent makeup, complaints will be accepted up to 3 months from the initial procedure but not any earlier than 2 months from the initial procedure as this is considered a reasonable healing time with a touch up after 4 weeks from the procedure. Complaints will be accepted with a valid receipt of the treatment or any proof of the treatment being carried in the salon. Complaints are to be in writing left in the salon personally or sent through the signed-for letter. Any photographic documentation should be attached to the complaint letter. Beauty Star Academy Ltd. will deal with complaints within 14 days from receiving them. If after a treatment client is dissatisfied the payment for that treatment still has to be made and complaint procedure followed. If the complaint is legitimate, the full payment will be returned to the client.

§ 10

Other annotations

There is no smoking and no alcohol consumption policy in the treatment room.

Children are not allowed in the treatment room during treatment procedures. They should be supervised by an adult and wait in the waiting area not disturbing clients using other services. No animals are allowed in the treatment room.

§ 11

Other General Rules

All clients have the right to view and read Term and Conditions, price list and certificates and licences at any time. Beauty Star Academy Ltd. has the right to change Terms and Conditions without notifying clients. New regulations are binding from the moment of publication in the treatment room and on website. Old regulations will be applied to all reservations made before that publication. All of the complaints should be first solved amicably before proceeding with the formal procedure. This Terms and Conditions are applied from 10 September 2019.